Saturday, June 14, 2008


this blog pretty much has no point anymore- i have a window. but hey, i still like to comment on other people's posts, and then i am here and then- well.
So just read a post about daycare. i of course have had my thoughts on the subject (see april). nowadays, there is no daycare. instead, there is the papa.
which is pretty cool. instead of fretting about the lady i don't like messing up my kid because i called her out for pulling on another kid's leg, i can think about B. and his dad, bonding, parks, library, smiles, pictures, kodak, etc.
but then i come home-
"don't feed him that, that gives him gas."
"wipe him off THIS way."
"we don't let him do that"
"what, are you trying to kill him"
Etc. And in some small piece of my brain i long for the days when i could tell his daytime caregivers to shut the fuck up.
I have been demoted from Senior to Junior Caregiving parent. Even if I wasn't doing all the heavy lifting before, well, i was doing more than the hub. But now from 7 AM to 5:30 PM it's the Daddy Show and he knows a lot more about the B. workings than I do. And so when he gets self righteous on my ass, I have to shut up and take it. Ouch.
Who knew I was so proud of my sub-par parenting?