Tuesday, September 4, 2007

how can i bitch about my brother

when he takes this picture of his legs and B?

He really is an awesome guy- on Friday, while I was hard at work bitching about his weirdness, he was in fact watching my kid because the daycare had a professional day.

In boob news, we are now in Day 1 of The Milk Supply Crisis. My $250 Medela pump's motor gave out over the weekend, a very bad thing. Especially when my mom suggested about two minutes later (yes, my solution to family overwhelm was to hang out with more family. Brilliant, huh? It's amazing my husband still speaks to me.) that I could supplement with formula. An excellent point, oh mother person. But, eh, the wrong time.

But it looks like its going to be OK- Medela kindly took a bank statement as proof of purchase and is overnighting me a new one. In the meantime, I bought a manual pump.
It is a messy, sticky, slow, kind of process involving lots of boob-squeezing by me. Hot. The boobs-- they don't like that too much. But it's not as bad as I would have thought- and a nice thing to have for carrides, etc. That being said please get here NOW new pump!!!

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