Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I fell asleep in a meeting today- a two-person meeting. Well, to be fair, there was a speakerphone too and I'm not sure I was asleep- instead, I found myself talking and wasn't sure what I had said four words before. Which may be worse than falling asleep in a meeting- I woke up/became cogniscent mid-sentence.
I could blames it on my lack of caffeine today or the boy's nightly wakes, much worse lately. But I think it was that the meeting was the most relaxed I've allowed myself to be in the last ten days- of "vacation." All I had to do was sit up and pay attention? (apparently, even making sense wasn't required). That's nothing! Where is the pink-eyed? The small room with three people and no sleep? The relatives kvetching re: my parenting? The hours in a car with B. screaming?
Yes, I had a great time on vacation. Sun. Sun! But today rocks.
Viva work!
Viva the Life of an Office Slave!
Viva Day Care!

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