Friday, May 18, 2007

grey day

A grey friday. The boy had a sad afternoon yesterday- fever, crying. We are pretty spoiled- he's never even too cranky, so we kind of freaked out. Today he still seems a little off; i don't like being away from him and have been on the verge of tears all morning (an excellent workplace strategy). I just want to take him home and take care of him and stay inside for a long time. At least it's friday.
But at least good music- songs from my cheer-myself-up-after-the-miscarriage CD from a year and a half ago- Pete Townsend, Let My Love Open the Door; Ani Difranco, Not Angry Any More ("I just want to walk through my life unarmed- to accept and just get by like my father used to do- but without all the acceptance and getting by that got my father through...").

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