Thursday, May 17, 2007

happy birthday to me

today is my birthday. I love my birthday- every time I see the date "May 17" it just makes me happy. Nothing particularly great needs to happen (though the alley party with the keg several years ago was pretty damn lovely). It's just nice that IT'S MY BIRTHDAY.
That being said, its a little weird that no one here knows. I always tell people- I always hate it when someone mentions offhand that oh yes last monday was my birthday because, as stated, I BELIEVE in birthdays. I buy cakes at lunch. I make paper hats out of printer paper (hmm, maybe I do know why people don't always tell me). But I feel like people here are already really nice to me and give me special treatment all day long, so inviting more special treatment by telling them it was the big day just seemed gratitious. But it makes me glad we are doing the whole family thing tonight. I can deal with a low-key helf of my birthday- but the whole day? No no no.
The boy has not had such a good day today, despite his obvious joy (to me) that his mother was born. He got his 2-month battery of nasty shots today and, while I was not there for them, apparently did not take it so well. Since he's been back here he's just been sleepy and hungry and sleeping a little lighter than usual- I hope that's the worst of it. I hope he doesn't remember this somewhere and every year on THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR is haunted by a feeling that his parents are causing him pain. That can be the other 364 days of the year. Because we are of course.

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