Tuesday, May 29, 2007

what everybody says

I took care of baby B pretty much by myself this weekend- I went to the shore with my folks while G had to fly to KY. It was exhausting. Sure I had a cold, as did he, so maybe we were both not our best selves. But he was still awfully good, and it was still awfully hard. I'm starting the week more tired than I left it.
BUT man I miss that baby. And it's only been two and a half hours. Every day he engages more (perhaps some day he will even respond to me as much as his does to his true love, the tinny classical music mobile). And I hate missing it.

I brought taffy for the office, but it seems this is not a taffy-loving office. So, to make up for the slack, I'm eating my entire box of taffy- publicly. Having just passed the it's-OK-to-diet milestone, I'm pretty much using my diet in order to give eating taffy, chocolate, etc. an additional transgressive pleasure. As for actually using it for determining what goes into my body, eh.

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