Monday, August 13, 2007

Can you tell I'm pissed?

i went downstairs to deliver some milk and there are the two very lovely, very caring childcare ladies pushing B.'s crib back and forth as he WAILS. Wails. Unless he is hungry, B. does not wail (the only exception being after 3 hours in a carseat, usually on I-95). So if he is crying, he is probably hungry. So I ask if he is hungry and they just look like I am an idiot because he did only eat an hour before. But this is B. we're talking about- of course he's hungry after an hour! He's hungry all the time! And they have been hanging out with him for three months now! They should know this! It is not rocket science! Plus, I am always saying, you know, that baby of mine? He is hungry all the time! I, too, want my boy to sleep more during the day. And I understand that to be a childcare lady you have to learn to ignore the wailing sometimes. But I am so pissed that they couldn't see this was not his normal behavior and that he was hungry- the most basic cue there is.

So what did I do? After I got them a bottle and told them he was hungry? Apologetically said that I understood that he had to cry some to start napping on a regular schedule. Even though that was not the point at all. Why? Well, perhaps because I am a pussy.

We have a houseguest in from the Cinncy suburbs. He has a two year old so we were comparing daycare prices. Ours costs THREE TIMES what their (apparently excellent) daycare costs- even when little Alex was an infant. So perhaps this is not a great morning for me to reflect upon my childcare arrangement.

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