Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Puppies, but dumber

Just back from my lunch with b. it used to be that he'd come up here, nurse forever, and then scurry around a little and then nurse some more. Then more scurrying, less nursing. Then two minutes of nursing, more scrurrying, plus a little playing with the computer, strangling himself on the blinds, etc. So now I go downstairs for lunch and play with B and the five other kiddies in his "class." This means I get a lot of love. The kids get really excited about me because well B is excited so what is this? what is this? They are all want to sit in my lap, use my shoulder as a balance, eat my hair, show me the COOLEST BLOCK. Sometimes I will have three trying to sit in my lap at the same time. And shove stuff in my mouth. 11-13 month olds really, really like that.
I think they are all groovy, but it's a little overwhelming. Six kids is an intense thing for me, I can imagine it is for B too. Found a toy you like? Nope, its gone. Hey, another kid is rolling on top of you? Now two? They are like puppies, except I'm not even sure they know what they are doing- in fact, I'm not entirely sure they know the other babies, are, um, there.
The moral of this? It takes a long time for humans to get our shit together. In the most basic, that-is-another-human sense. I won't even think about the self-actualization part.
In other news, its Election Day on the Potomac! GOOOOOOOOOO DEMOCRACY!!!!!

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