Thursday, February 7, 2008

side benefits of parenting

When you are hungry, a ziplock bag of stale cheerios can always be found at the bottom of your purse. And, if you are really hungry, zweiback not in a ziplock. Hey- I didn't say it would be pretty.

Went to the dr.'s for a non-childbearing reason yesterday (a sinus infection) for the first time in say, two years- strange. I spent much of my non-work public time with B. strapped to my chest so it is very odd for me not to be automatically identified as a parent.

Back to my pre-pregnancy weight! Problem is, um, I was kind of fat when I got pregnant.

A quiet week under the big lights. We're figuring out a cross-country move. Very complicated with the kiddy. Do I move into a more suburban-type setting because of better schools and more families? Or do I go with the kinds of neighborhoods I've always like- urban residential, economically and ethnically diverse (like Mt. Pleasant or Capital Hill in DC) but what happens if we're the only parents with young kids and everyone else is a 20-something partier who breaks beer bottles on my stoop or pisses on my car? I LIKE hanging with other parents, doesn't it make sense to live near them? I'm thinking no. Part of it is the weirdness of searching from afar- I think if I could walk the neighborhoods myself I wouldn't be so conflicted- and probably find out that there ARE kids in these more urban neighborhoods. Though the one neighborhood I realy like just had its elementary school close because of declining enrollment- probably not a sign of a full-of-families neighborhood....

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