Wednesday, June 6, 2007

all business

The baby comes up to visit me at lunch every day. At home the boy is not above engaging in some shennangins with his food. He may play with the boob, bouncing his head back and forth, or only eat for a few minutes until distracted, or out of nowhere decide that the boob is really PISSING HIM OFF and start crying. At lunch at the office there is none of that. There is only eating. Today it was twenty minutes before he came up for air. It is often an entire hour of solid noshing. I'm not quite sure why there is the difference, but it's pretty funny. Perhaps he is influenced by his mother's impressive work ethic.... Or the way I scarf down my own lunch...
In other boob news, my righty seems to be recovering. Was the threats of an additional morning pumping session? The bribe of actual solid food? (It's been a ginger ale and crackers kind of week). Who cares? Welcome back!

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