Tuesday, June 12, 2007

babies overfloweth

downstairs in the nursery, things are getting crazy. as of yesterday they moved out the three mellow older babies from B's group and added six, that's right six, very young and cranky babies. It's pretty awful- each caregiver is surrounded by like four babies, all screaming. I guess they are following the 3 to 1 ratio generally, but it doesn't look like it. It makes me very, very, very uncomfortable. Do I complain? It's only been two days, but it's not like babies are going to stop needing to eat and get diapers changed. But if I complain, what do I say? Get rid of those other babies! Keep mine! I guess I could say they need more staff working with the babies. For now, it just makes me want to go down there all the time and make sure B is okay- I mean they literally couldn't hear him if he started screaming, there are so many other babies screaming. It's like my daycare went from awesome to shitty in one fell swoop.

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