Friday, June 29, 2007

a morning in almost one sentence

in ten minutes late, thinking its no big deal because i've been working my butt off this week and the project's DONE but then my buddy says hey M the nasty boss has been looking for you and there he is, he's found all sorts of mistakes in the project and gone to other people and made them do MY work and now they are looking at me with those i'm-pissed-but-let's-just-get-this-done faces and i'm wondering what are these mistakes? are they big? are they glaring? how did i miss them? Why is the nasty boss such a little bitch? (though that's a constant thought these days, the other constant thought is- that i worked hard, but I didn't give him my over-the-top because i don't like him and GUILT.) Catalouging in my brain for everything i possibly did or did not do wrong and then i look down and I'm leaking. And now I'm in my office trying to pump and despite the boobs' rock-hardness it is slow going. so i'm trying to relax. can't you tell?

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