Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the best laid plans

i was running late today- the boy was up a lot last night and i couldn't seem to get out of bed on time (despite having gone to bed at 9:50- am i exciting or what?). so i decided i would nurse B. in my office instead of the nursery so i could start working on time. an excellent plan, up until the poop explosion. it was everywhere- my shirt, my pants, his leg, my desk. And no wipes, just paper towels. I snuck him down the back stairs, paper towels between him and me, hoping I would not encounter anyone who would want to play with or coo over my poop-encrusted child. Am I slick or what? Good think I am wearing a striped shirt- yup, that's a poop stain.
B. is making a lot more noise, really interacting the last few days. It's really cool. However, I am strangely a little freaked out by this positive development. I think my absentminded approach to parenthood may not continue to cut it. He's going to need actual stimulation, not just mom feeding or bouncing him while thinking of strange D.C. Circuit precedent or Nicole Richie's rumored pregnancy. Hmm. I may have to start paying attention.

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