Friday, April 4, 2008

Back to the classics

What's worse than posting about your boobs all day long? Yup, posting about the dentist. No, actually POEMS about the dentist are worse. So in an effort to not cringe every time I return to this site, here is something else:

A Sarasota sunset. Don't you feel better?

So the whole CIO/modified-CIO/sleep-lady-dance-shuffle-CIO, etc. thing is going pretty well. Well, my goal was to present my husband on his return sunday with a Baby Who Slept Through the Night, proof positive that I Am An Excellent Mother (or, as my friend said, "be kind of braggy." Oh yeah.). Sadly, I did not get to discover how obnoxious such bragging would have been, because the first night G. was home, the baby woke at 4:30- and the next night too. Our conversations:

g: Are you SURE this WORKS?

me: You don't question the method in the middle! You don't question the method in the middle!

(Some people say I'm a little dogmatic. But who knows?)

But then B. slept till 6 am for two nights.

And then last night he slept till 6:00 again! I brought him into bed, snuggled him up to enjoy a little nursing and NPR and enjoy this feeling of well-restedness.

He puked all over the sheets.

Ah, the sweet smell of victory puke.

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