Wednesday, April 2, 2008

a butterfly flapped its wings in the amazon...

and I screw up my day.
My days go pretty well in general. But they are predicated upon me remembering lots of things and doing them in order in a certain way. This does not exactly, shall we say, come naturally to me. I try really hard these days, though, because if one thing gets lost then the whole thing is fucked.
Take today.
Last night, had a late dinner, tired, so I don't do the dishes and wash the bottles. I actually woke up early and loaded the dishwasher but neglected to take them OUT of the dishwasher. So now,
Daycare heated up his milk and spent 10 minutes looking for his bottles;
B. has no bottles so I am going downstairs to feed him instead of crunching out this work;
I have to take the train to meet G. to get the bottles so that B. can have a bottle for when I go to the dentist;
My hope of any freezer bags for this week is dashed.
One little screw-up- at least 1.5 hours of extra work and hassle for me, as well as all of the trouble I have caused G. and daycare.
I miss the days when I could just screw up and suck it up myself.
The only good side is, as glaring as this error is, I really do forget stuff, etc. far less than I used to. Of course if I kept it up at THAT level B. would be wearing newspaper diapers.

Newspaper diaper wearing baby having a not-so-fun day in Shoot 'Em Up (though getting some close contact with Clive Owens can't be all bad).

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newduck said...

This cracks me up. I have the same fear that one day I'm going to space out and run out of diapers. But since I don't read the newspaper I'm thinking my little one would end up wrapped in coffee filters.