Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Work is winding down. Instead of Typing Long Stuff or Correcting Glaring Errors on Other People's Long Typed Stuff, my main job these days is Looking Busy. Which is sweet. But the thing is, I should be doing so much other crap. There are a lot of forms in my life between now and the big move West. But which to do first? Dumb, but it's causing a bit of - paralysis. Add a bum knee, a sore tooth, and a familywide stomach virus and we limp along these days. I just look at the screen, rewinding to "where should I start?" over and over.

Man I am tired of not seeing the sun for 9+ hours a day.

Yesterday after dinner, B. and I were out on our walk under a brilliant blue sky. He's exploring the yard of the street's new and very fancy (and for sale) unoccupied McMansion; we had a grand time, climbing the steps up and down (he's finally getting good at going down), looking for birds, picking up mulch, putting down mulch. But then he gets cranky all of a sudden so I pick him up and he is coughing and, oh no, I know that cough. And then right on the (new) driveway, there is the puke. It brought back lots of memories of the North Trail and, oh, who I am kidding, the THOUSANDS of places I have puked...

There should be some witty line wrapping it all up here but that is the end of the story. We went inside. And he went to bed. See what I mean about these damn doldrums?

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