Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some questions

Randomly generated, of course. Nothing to do with me.

ONE- Can you do anything for a family that's divorcing? ANYTHING? Can you tell their kids anything except yes this sucks?

TWO- When will I stop getting so easily aggravated, particularly at G? When does this pregnancy/baby tension train let me off?

THREE- Is my perception that my family is slighting me, and my annoyance at such perceived slighting, some sort of weird defence mechanism because I'm so sad about leaving them?

FOUR- Will all this bar/loan/house/job/medical paperwork really get done by May 1? Can I get over my extreme suckage at such paperwork?

FIVE- Is it completely idiotic to move away from all family and friends when you have a 1-year old?

SIX- Why was the Darjeeling Limited not a bigger hit? It rocked the house let me tell you. Can we agree to that?

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