Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the sounds of fluorescence

I've been trying to keep a running list of songs that I associate with particularly important moments in my life. But, being fairly empty-headed these days unless it involves law, a B., or, um, celebrities, I keep on losing track, so here is the first draft.

17 Again (Eurythmics). 1999, Me in KY trying to decide to stay or go, parked in the driveway of some random little apartment building, staring at it intently, hoping the answer was there if I just looked at that second-floor door long enough. (It didn't work). And then, every change afterwards. Because, sad but true, I feel like I'm 17 again pretty much everytime change comes rolling my way. It's always SHIT! WHAT?

Over My Head (The Fray). 2006-07, The official theme song of my pregnancy. Enough said.

Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams). 2004, Friday afternoon in my decrepid office with the window open and I am so ready for the weekend to start and my grueling life of work and school to pause. And I am so happy.

Dancing at the Zombie Zoo (and every other song on this album) (Tom Petty). 2000-2003, Running on our KY town's sad excuse for a running path, basically an asphalt strip alongside the highway, flipping my walkman's tape halfway, feeling so strong and optimistic and then weak and incredibly depressed and then strong and then - let's just say I worked a lot of shit out on those runs.

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