Thursday, March 27, 2008

Das Boot- Day 3

Well the good news is that I had some excellent insights into The Nature of God and Humanity last night. The bad news is that I had them while rolling B's crib back and forth, over and over. But overall, I think we're making progress. Which is good, because being tough is a lot harder than mollycoddling my boy and nursing him all night. I'm pretty sure human beings should not drink as much Diet Mountain Dew as its been taking me to get through the days.

8:00 PM- Nurse B. to sleep. We played outside after dinner instead of taking a bath, all well and good, but as he drifts off to dreamland i realize that not only is he still wearing his clothes (I'd like to pretend it's the first time for that, but well...), he is still in the same diaper he came home from daycare in. I make the executive decision that B. couldn't care less and the diaper's staying. The next morning it practically disintegrates off his body. Lovely.
4:00 AM B. is awake and mad. But look! No 1 AM wake! So I drag my sorry ass out of bed and rock and roll that crib. But he is having none of it. He's up, I put him down, he's up, I put him down. He is very, very tired, though. Oddly enough, so I am. I decide as I look down on B. that God is attempting to get us to self-sooth and that all of humanity's history is one cosmic week of CIO. The occasional prophet, etc. is when God comes in and pats our back, rolls our crib, etc. Then I think about how unsucessful this self-soothing effort has been (hence the german sub reference). And how I cannot stand anymore. So around 4:30 I go to bed. He cries, but it's that lying down cry, not the I-am-standing-and-shrieking cry. No high ranges are hit. And miracle of miracles, it either stops or I pass out around 4:45.
6:30 AM I wake the boy up- in his crib! Hoo-ya!

I have big hopes for tonight. We'll see.

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