Wednesday, March 12, 2008

one year ago right now

i was holding B. for the first time. The recovery room was tiny and my family crammed in, against every wall. The window looked out onto the roof, and it was grey. I was very tired but so relieved, just laying there with this boy on my boob. He seems so tiny in my memory. No one could stop smiling.

I was so glad when we left the hospital- I wanted to put those weird hospital nights, the hell that is labor, and the unexpected c-section behind me. I wondered if I'd ever be nostalgic for it. A year later, I'm a little nostalgic- the drama of the 2 am car ride, G. holding my hand talking about boats to distract me from the surgery, everybody smiling and smiling, our delight at meeting the boy for the first time. But overall March 12, 2007 still sucked ass- except at the end, I got B.

How's March 12, 2008? Pretty damn good. Eating free "healthy" snacks and the scones I made for the office. Best, I just spent my lunch break playing with my funny little boy, sliding him down the slide, watching him push enormous tricycles around. He's pretty much recovered from his stomach virus. He makes the best noise these days- its like "tugatugatuga" but slightly more gutteral. And I've even feeling pretty human, though that comes and goes.

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