Monday, March 10, 2008

taking these moments

One year ago today, I was sitting in the Cuban restaurant in Burtonsville, barely able to fit in the booth, eating Cubans with G. and his mom, who had just flown in. I was ten days overdue, which was prety aggravating, but at that moment I just enjoyed that Cuban. Cubans- able to calm the savage beast that it the huge, 42-week pregnant woman. That's a pretty good ad.

Ben's birthday party was this weekend- fifteen people crammed into our tiny house and it was great. Bouncy balls all over the place, everyone talking and laughing and joking with the kiddies. My family has its share of hard times right now. But on Sunday I sat back on the sofa and watched a family that loves each other, who is raising kids so kind and gentle that they showered their baby cousin with ridiculous amounts of love; all of the overlapping ties of history and experience and empathy between everyone in the room. It's not always enough, but at that moment it felt like it was.

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